We can come to you!

We can come to you with our Mobile Glass Repair services.  That’s right this way you don’t have to drive with your glass issues to complicate an already challenging moment.  All of our technicians are Sika Certified.


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Glass repair as a D.I.Y….


Common Issues: Using Improper Tools

It’s highly unlikely you have the proper tools to execute auto glass repair or replacement in your garage. Some auto parts stores will carry basic suction cup tools and resins which are for use in windshield replacement and repair, but these items are typically not professional grade. Without proper training and day-in day-out use, these tools will be difficult to master and could lead to additional damage to your windshield.

Or at best:  Using A DIY Kit

DIY kits can come from infomercials or auto parts stores. These products claim “fast and easy repairs.” But nothing is ever as easy as a box tells us it is.

The products contained in DIY kits are typically inferior, and the instructions are usually lacking – and occasionally written by a non-native English speaker. These kits can often result in more damage to your windshield. What might have been an inexpensive repair by a professional may become a costly windshield replacement, especially if you violate your warranty or insurance policy.

We strongly  suggest against trying glass repair as a D.I.Y.  Instead, give us a call.  Let us know the complication and we will get our mobile service out there as fast as possible.

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Before your initiate repairs check your insurance and/or warranty…


Many times, the warranty on your windshield will be voided if the repair work is not done by a professional shop. If you receive additional damage or the repair doesn’t go how you expected, the warranty will be of no use to you and you will pay out of pocket for any repair or replacement.

“But I have insurance! I won’t have to pay out of pocket,” you say. That’s great, but your insurance may also not cover damage which has been created or worsened by any DIY mistakes. So be sure to double check before moving forward with any DIY repairs.

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Repair or Replace Your Windshield the Right Way


When faced with replacing a windshield, many car owners default to the lowest-price option. But if you take this route and are in a serious accident, your decision could cost you your life.

An incorrectly installed windshield could pop out in an accident, allowing the roof to cave in and crush the car’s occupants. Furthermore, when the front airbags deploy, they exert a tremendous force on the windshield and will blow out one that is not firmly glued in place.

“There are a lot of schlock operators” installing windshields, says Debra Levy, president of the Auto Glass Safety Council, which offers certification for installers. She says using original manufacturer’s glass is a plus, but choosing a good installer is even more important. To find a certified shop, visit Safewindshields.org and type your ZIP code into the box at the top of the page. Certification is valuable because it keeps installers up to date on advances in adhesives and changing automotive designs.

More on repair vs. replace from Edmonds here…

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What is a Sika Certification?


The Diamond Certification symbol is proudly displayed on our window when you walk in the door at Advanced Auto Glass. But what does it mean exactly? If you want quality, you can rest assured that by choosing our Diamond Certified glass repair shop, you are getting the best. The Diamond rating process of local companies is, hands-down, the most accurate in the Bay Area. Only those rated Highest in Quality in customer satisfaction and helpful expertise earn Diamond Certified. Most companies can’t even qualify.

“Every Diamond Certified company must continue to deliver on its promises to you, the consumer. That’s why we conduct ongoing customer satisfaction research, credential-based ratings, and monitor each company’s performance. Then we back you up with mediation and the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.”

~Diamond Certified

But we didn’t stop there. We’re a member of the Better Business Bureau, GoLocal Sonoma County and are SIKA certified.

**SIKA certification is a rigorous training course in proper glue usage as per the AGRSS standards and OEM specifications. Our technicians have taken the courses for window removal and correct installation of new types of glass as they come out, rain sensors, etc.

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